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We conducted our first front-end focused tech webinar titled ‘RxJS Essentials for Angular Developers’ on October 8th. It was focused on the fundamentals of RxJS library and its benefits organised by our Angular experts Ravindra, a Senior Full stack data engineer at Streamhub, and Luis, our Senior FE engineer.

Here is the video and technical summary bellow.

We started the discussion by providing a high level overview of the Angular framework. This was followed by a succinct explanation about the need for reactive programming and how RxJS library helps developers in achieving that objective. Also, the audience for a deep-dive into each fundamental concept of RxJS.


1. Observable

An observable is a unicast object which passes stream of data from data source to the observer.


2. Observer

An observer, is an object with set of callbacks, which consumes the data passed by an observable.


3. Subscription

Subscription is an object which contains reference to the subscription to an observable.


4. Subject

Subject is a special type of observable which supports multicasting.


5. Scheduler

Scheduler helps in defining an execution context to control when observer will be notified about new data.


6. Operators

Operators are a set of functions that help in easy composition of complex asynchronous code. All these concepts were bolstered by many coding examples and some interesting real life anecdotes. These examples were especially designed to help developers use correct concepts in different situations. e.g. use of observable vs. use of subject, using different operators to make code easier to write and manage.



To summarise, this webinar gave its audience a brief but in-depth overview of RxJS and reactive programming. We believe these concepts will surely help developers in designing complex solutions in a more elegant and efficient way.


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