Our 7 daily vitamins

We take pride in our capability to bridge technology with the media & entertainment businesses. Here’s what has kept us going.

Open culture, no bull****

Openness is our first principle. We act with the highest degree of honesty, fairness and self integrity. Open to constructive disagreements and value the open exchange of ideas. We are real. We speak our mind but with thoughtfulness and sensitivity. 


We start with Customers and work backwards – that’s why ‘Customer’, for us, always starts with an caps ‘C’ (no. it’s not a formatting error). We work everyday to earn our Customer’s business and trust. 

Team above self

We believe in shared and common vision. When we see the same thing, it increases our chance of getting there and makes the journey much more fun! We give more than we take. We teach and educate. We strive to put what’s right for the team first, whether we run a sprint or a marathon.

If you own it, you close it

There is no better feeling than moving your issues to done! Be responsible, own issues and resolve them. Make commitments, follow them through and deliver. If you make a mistake, own it, fix it, learn from it and move on. 

Be brave, bold & brilliant. Not a jerk

Being in a start-up, we are expected to be fearless and take bold direction to grasp every opportunity. We count in brilliance and quality in whatever we do as much as common-sense, practicality, being polite, offering help to peers and respecting others opinion.

Denying feedback is denying growth

We are here because we want to grow, which is impossible without knowing the direction to grow. We are not just open to feedback but constantly looking for improvements in everything we do, we are and we think we could be. 

Simplify and invent

We always work towards simplification because simpler things are easier to scale. We exist because we can innovate equally, if not more, than our competitors. Be aware, look for new ideas  everywhere. Utilise both the sides of brain to harness innovation. As said -‘left side of brain keeps the big-picture and right side recalls details’.