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Our solution – Streamhub Analytics


Streamhub Analytics is a unified reporting platform for content and advertising with multi-data source analysis, including OTT data, viewing logs, online panel and user data. The platform consists of three components: Default Reports / My Reports / My Dashboard. It is a SaaS platform specialised for the media industry with high level of customization.


Default Reports – Various reports specific to content, advertising, and QoS * Enterprise plans offer the option to add a customised default dashboard


My Reports – Create custom content and advertising reports with any combination of metrics and dimensions and with a variety of chart types


My Dashboard – Create your own dashboards by combining default reports and original reports created in My Reports




What’s new?


Added flexibility to the dashboards to compare different reporting periods. Users can create reports with two different date ranges to easily compare the before and after. When selecting My Reports and creating My Dashboards, you can turn OFF the switcher in the calendar to enable this feature and carry the dates set in the reports.Users can use this feature to quickly compare performance in key metrics over different time periods side by side. Users can turn off this feature anytime to generate reports for custom time periods set by date filter. 




Measuring the effectiveness of platforms and content for marketing


It is essential to understand what content your existing audience is viewing on your platform.

Compare the entire platform or specific content on a monthly (or daily/weekly) basis to visualize viewing trends. Additional filters can be added to focus on specific series/contents for a more detailed analysis. It also helps to gain insight into what content existing audiences are viewing, on what devices and from where. Moreover, it can be effectively utilized to build and target audience segments based on these behaviours and insights for optimising the marketing and new user acquisition campaigns.


You can also develop insights into the platform’s potential investments, such as which content to focus on marketing or how content should be created in the future.




Visualisation of ad effectiveness and enhanced reporting to advertisers


How should advertisers maximize monetization by reaching a large audience through content? Clarifying advertising effectiveness is a critical element for platforms and advertisers, as well as for advertising agencies.


As with content analysis, identifying ads with longest average viewing times and high audience interest can enhance reporting to advertisers. Filtering by advertiser or ad creative and comparing monthly (or daily/weekly) trends provides a hook to derive new insights. My Report allows customization of reports thus giving increased flexibility by creating reports in alignment with advertisers’ requests and comparing them on a month-to-month basis.


In addition, the analytical data may be utilized in advertising sales to help obtain new advertisers.




Improve the monetization of your video business with Streamhub


Discovering the demand for video content and advertising and diving deep into audience insights is the key to profitability. Streamhub is an unified data platform that utilizes viewing and advertising data to increase audience interest and monetization. For more information on this feature and product, please contact us.



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