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Launch of Video Advertising reports for AVOD customers including audits

Video Ad Reporting: A series of reports that measures the performance of your advertising across all your connected devices 

  1. Ad viewership – instantly create reports for any campaign, video or brand
  2. Completion rate reports – create VAST compliant completion rate reports
  3. Daypart analysis – know at which times and days your ads have been watched the most
  4. Ad video ranking – instantly understand and compare the performance of video ads
  5. User demographic analysis – create reports for specific demographics 

Panel Data Integration: A module to integrate user data from online panels into your own census data. 

  • Fuse demographic data such as age, sex, location, profession, etc
  • Automated weighted calculations according to each panel 
  • Pre-define your demographic groups

Video Ad Auditing: A single standard measurement for tracking all video ads coming from multiple ad servers and ad networks. 

  • Compare the true impressions and completions of ads being reported through the end client against those being reported on the ad servers