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Empowering the context of  your data with notes, loyalty trend analysis, YouTube/Video.js plugins and some new metrics.


Annotations: A feature that allows you to add notes about relevant information to specific dates in the graph. By adding information about marketing campaign launches, releases of new content and product updates, you will be able to put better context into the peaks and troughs of your audience engagement.

  • Create your own annotation categories such as “Marketing”, “Content”, “Product”, “Events”, “Breaking News”, etc
  • Create a rich history of activity notes to help you remember the context of your data to put together reports and retrospectives

Loyalty Segmentation Growth: A new report that allows you to track the month-on-month changes and conversions of audience loyalty based on the intensity of their behaviour. It will allow you to understand how many users have been driving the bulk of your viewing and what content works best for each or for all audience segments.

  • Eg: Tracking how the number of Trials are growing and eventually converting to paying or repeating users. 

YouTube player plugin for Streamhub analytics: An analytics plugin for Youtube players embedded on your own websites. It provides you all the rich analysis that complement the data from YouTube analytics for the content and audiences on your own website. Absolutely essential if you’re trying to build monetisable service on your own website as opposed to relying solely on YouTube.


Video.js plugin for Streamhub analytics: An analytics plugin for customers using all varieties of video.js players to provide instant integration and start generating deeper editorial and marketing reports about your online video audience.



New Video Metrics added:

  • Stream starts: the number of pure streams started from your various players and apps. This is different to views which is aggregated uniquely into the various available time resolutions such as hour, day, week and month.
  • Unresolved views: the number of views that are not getting attributed to a particular video due to metadata or other issues. The total number of views reported does not get impacted.


Bugs Fixed: iOS /Android plugin playerID bug, Live multiple channel support plugin bug, Video ad tracking improvements, User info integration improvements.

More exciting new releases next month from all of us at Streamhub

Feb 2016