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Bringing everything together

  • Live reports: Track all things live from 24/7 channel simulcasts to one-off events
    • Live Programme reports: Column chart that shows the distribution of programme views according to their linear schedule
      • Filter by: OVP Partner, Channel, Series, Country, Player
      • Export data into CSV
    • Live Channel reports: Line graph that shows the views of the channel across an hourly time line
      • Filter by OVP Partner, Channel
      • Export data into CSV

  • Service type filters: Allows user to switch between Live and VOD reports, updating the secondary filters with the relevant options such as player types

  • Improved content filters: All content searches for series and programmes are now linked to what service type or channel is selected. So the user will always only get relevant search results to the selected Live or VOD service

  • Improved performance of application: Pages load faster now and are more friendly to lower spec machines such as tablets

  • Opt-out functionality: Provides a method for end users to opt-out of Streamhub analytics for that browser session

  • Fix for cookie bug: Fixed the problem that was preventing users from seeing the latest interface version from time to time