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A little happier new year, as data becomes much more wiser.

  • Categories Reports: Analysis of content categories across all the programmes watched. Understand which categories drive the most traffic and engagement to assess stickiness and their specific ROIs.
    • New dashboard widget for content categories to measure the impact of your editorial balance
    • Create category reports filtered by platforms and channels
  • Completion Rates: Addition of completion rate to our core set of metrics for programmes and series. Understand which programmes and series drive true engagement that leads to retention and satisfaction of your audiences.
    • New dashboard widget for average completion rates
    • Views at 1%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 95%+
    • Completion rate reports filtered by platform, channel, series, programme, location and devices
  • Simplestream Plugin: New plugin for VOD and live views through the Simplestream player. Presented along with your VOD views to help you compare performance across your different service types. Use the live minute-by-minute data to take immediate marketing or editorial actions.
    • New dashboard filter for live platforms
    • Live viewership report organised into daily TV schedules
  • Brightcove HTML5 Plugin: New plugin for the updated Brightcove platform. We have developed an analytics plugin for customers using Brightcove’s new player to instantly start generating deeper editorial and marketing reports about your OTT audience.