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Traffic referrals, Device reports, Channel filters, JW Player and Limelight Player plugins and more

  • Traffic URL Reports: Ranking of traffic sources of the users that have come to watch your videos. You will be able to see which services have driven the most traffic for your programmes and series. With eventual plans to tie this information into loyalty segments, you will soon be able to understand which campaigns actually lead to the capture of loyal fans versus bouncers at the video level
    • New dashboard widget for Referral Source
    • New reporting page for Referral Source
    • Create traffic source ranking reports for any programme filtered by countries and by player type for any date range. See what has driven your traffic to each of the programmes

  • Device Type Reports: Group all your viewing data into the key device types as well as drill down into each OS per device type. Useful for customers who are looking to analyse the trends for different audience segments by device groups
    • New Dashboard widget for Top Devices
    • Device Type Ranking Report
    • Filters for Device Type in all the Content Viewership and Content Ranking reports in combination with Location and Players

  • Channel filters: Allows customers to filter all their key programme performance reports by the channels / brands the programmes belong to. Especially useful for customers that aggregate content from multiple channels into one service to understand which channels are driving most viewership editorially

  • JW player and Limelight Flash/HTML5 player plugin for Streamhub analytics: We have developed an analytics plugin for

    JW player and Limelight player customers that allows to instantly start generate deeper editorial and marketing reports about your OTT audience

  • Deployment of Cloudfront: All customers worldwide will now be able to create reports and navigate through our analytics at fast speeds no matter where they are in the world. This follows our earlier move to fully switch to a cloud infrastructure to provide infinite traffic and flexibility for all kinds of big data / deep learning reports

  • Upgraded version of Metadata Content app: We have improved the reliability and the scalability of our metadata content app reducing the number of errors and increasing its overall performance

  • Bugs Fixed:
    Loyalty Report bug fixes, Series thumbnails association, data reruns for Location Reports, Daypart trend reports adjusted for additional time zones, frontend usability improvements, restored FE versioning, minor bugs for partner player plugins for JW Player / Flash / Javascript related to ad and content data tracking