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Launch of Video Advertising reports for AVOD customers including panel fusion

Video Ad Reporting: A series of reports that measures the performance of your advertising across all your connected devices 

  1. Ad viewership – instantly create reports for any campaign, video or brand
  2. Completion rate reports – create VAST compliant completion rate reports
  3. Daypart analysis – know at which times and days your ads have been watched the most
  4. Ad video ranking – instantly understand and compare the performance of video ads
  5. User demographic analysis – create reports for specific demographics 

Panel Data Integration: A module to integrate user data from online panels into your own census data. 

  • Fuse demographic data such as age, sex, location, profession, etc
  • Automated weighted calculations according to each panel 
  • Pre-define your demographic groups

Written By Sambodhi Khandelwal

CTO & Co-Founder at Streamhub | Technology & Startups

Sambodhi is the driving force behind Streamhub’s technical innovation. Passionate about startup culture as well as solving problems by leveraging modern technologies, she has worked with some of the biggest names in online media including News International, Yahoo! and Thompson Reuters.