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Dear organizers,

I am writing to you regarding the IBC Innovation awards 2015.

In the three year journey that my company, Streamhub, has been apart of, some of the most intriguing experiences and leaps in capabilities havecome through our involvement with the IBC. Especially winning the DTG IBC awardlast year to represent UK Innovation there.

As an ongoing engagement with the top broadcasting event
globally, we were very keen to enter the IBC Innovation awards this year but
only to realize that it requires an already existing client case study to enter

Two things that we strongly believe in at Streamhub is growing
together and pushing the boundaries of our industry beyond expectations: a
spirit that IBC embodies strongly but perhaps not with the categories of this
particular set of awards.

Innovation by its nature is a risky and volatile affair only
propagated by the long business cycles of the B2B world. From us and on behalf
of our fellow entrepreneur committee we wanted to send out a request to IBC to
give a chance to work which might not have found commercial application yet,
but has the potential and vision to realize its dream in due time.

Looking forward to hearing more form you if you feel there can
be opportunity to create such an awards categories / industry platform. Happy
to discuss more.