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London, United Kingdom, September 29th, 2011 – Five Cool, a new entrant in online Internet TV solutions, unveils its latest product, Streamhub, the unified Internet TV software behind NHK WORLD’s award-winning online coverage of this year’s Japanese Tsunami. Following the disaster, Streamhub dealt with an astronomical increase in traffic and support capacity with both the product and its international team scaling to meet those needs.

“Streamhub is an excellent, complete platform for managing Live channels and VOD providing an immense wealth of data about our audiences everywhere, and the Five Cool support has been world class throughout the difficult period during the disaster,” said Tatsuya Sasahara, Senior Program Director at NHK.

In its latest release, Streamhub delivers real-time analytics and the unique Hybrid Channel Scheduler that enables building custom linear channels, with seamless VOD insertion and scheduling. Other features include Network Distribution with which the broadcaster can monitor and control distribution costs over multiple CDNs including Amazon’s cloud services.

“Internet Television is evolving in response to greater demand for access to real-time content via the web,’’ says Five Cool Founder & Managing Director Akihiro Tsuchiya. ‘’It’s essential broadcasters have the tools and apps to respond to differentiated and unexpected audience appetites. We went sleepless for many nights to respond to the disaster, but now that entire experience has been coded and reflected into our product.”

Streamhub provides minute-by-minute audience information on 24/7 channels across all devices, countries, and third-party destinations under one standard. All major content formats and business models including pay-per-view, advertising, download-to-own and subscription are supported on the platform. Moreover, it provides stable integrations with social and e-commerce platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Amazon.

“I have worked with Five Cool to upgrade our complex legacy system to a product that worked for today’s web audience. They did a fabulous job in delivering the new product to budget and on time, working fast together with our bluechip partners Dolby and Nokia. Their tech is highly reliable and I’m very excited at the innovation in their latest release of Streamhub.” said Scott de Mercado, CEO of Audiotube.

About Five Cool – Five Cool’s unified online content platform, Streamhub, provides an innovative and convenient set of tools for use by broadcasters, agregators and rights-holders. It offers the ability to manage both linear and on-demand content across multiple formats, devices and business-models, providing real-time tools to quickly respond to online audiences. Five Cool is headquartered in London with operations in the Netherlands and Japan.

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