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We are thrilled to announce, following some earlier coverage from our friends at DTVE and Advanced Television, that Streamhub is officially partnering with Kantar to provide combined data analytics & activation capabilities to their clients around the world. Full release below:

Kantar, the world’s leading evidence-based insights and consulting company, today announces a global collaboration with Streamhub, the technology company transforming video audience analytics, to incorporate data from its video tagging technology into Streamhub’s enterprise analytics platform. Media owners will now be able to use Streamhub’s enterprise platform to analyse any digital video content that integrates Kantar’s video-tagging technology, making audience analytics from live and on demand video streaming more intuitive and actionable.

As Kantar scales up its cross-media measurement capabilities, this partnership offers new capabilities in analysis and activation of online streaming audiences. Whether content providers managing inventories or advertisers optimising campaign reach, access to the Streamhub platform will enable Kantar’s clients to improve management and monetisation of audience on-demand viewing.

Kantar’s video tagging technology provides media owners, media agencies and brands with granular data on online video consumption, on specific programme or ad occurrences to get a more accurate view of media, whenever and however it is consumed. Through more detailed insights of what video content people are consuming and how they can evaluate and justify digital investment choices, more accurately monitor content/channel performance, and maximise the effectiveness of their advertising space.

Streamhub’s enterprise platform has been designed to automate reporting and accommodate complex workflows between publishers, agencies and advertisers for cross-market video and connected TV census datasets. Through a powerful, intuitive dashboard, platform viewing data can be interpreted via customised reports or advanced data visualisations and integrations into programmatic or first-party platforms for activation.

Bas De Vos, Global Director – Audience Targeting at Kantar comments. “As industry currencies expand to incorporate more on-demand viewing data across platforms, we’re committed to providing our clients with a choice of analytics tools that equip them to optimise their content and advertising inventory and investments. Today’s announcement is the latest in a series of collaborations we’re formalising across the ecosystem to ensure clients have the best choice and tools to meet their needs.”

Aki Tsuchiya, CEO Streamhub, added “We’re passionate about empowering video businesses, by helping manage the complex relationship between audiences, content and monetisation data. We’re incredibly proud to be collaborating with the world leader in audience measurement, working together towards this goal. To date, we have found resounding success both with individual media companies and market-wide implementations such as that in Japan, so this announcement represents a significant milestone in our mission to transform industry standard platforms back home in the UK and around the world.”