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In the unprecedented times we face, video is becoming more important than ever, as a means of keeping people connected to each other and the world around them. As efforts to battle COVID-19 continue, we have reflected on what role we can play to support the global community. 

To this end, we are making Streamhub Analytics available – free of charge – to all organisations delivering educational services through video and live streams to help deliver the best experience to students and children having to stay at home. 

With the Streamhub service, teachers and staff will be able to:

  1. track progress of which videos have (or have not been) watched by every student
  2. understand overall engagement and popularity of the videos
  3. correlate this viewing data to the performance of quizzes, tests and grades obtained
  4. teachers will be able to see whether any of the videos had technical streaming problems that would impede a student from being able to use the service (QoS/QoE) 

This can help organisations who already have a video platform or anyone setting something up now, to best use videos to help students revise for end of year exams and tests.

Our analytics platform will work for anything setup in the organisation’s own websites and works with the following video players and platforms: 

  • Brightcove
  • Comcast Technology Solutions
  • JW Player
  • Kaltura
  • YouTube (embedded on your own website) 

It will also work for generic HTML5 video players setup using Wodrpress for example. Please find more information here. If you need any help with setting up please contact us at any time

Small though it may be – we hope this will help educators to continue delivering an outstanding learning experience for every student. We salute the fantastic work universities, colleges and schools are doing to adapt in these times of crisis. 

If you know a university, college or school that can benefit from this offer then please do share it with them. 


Take Care & Stay Safe, 

The Streamhub Team