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PRESS RELEASE – London, UK – Wednesday 28th May, 2014: Former business development director at Joost, Aki Tsuchiya, has today launched Streamhub, a real-time video analytics service for the media industry.

The platform, now in public beta, is already being used by one of the world’s largest public broadcasters to manage its online video and social data, delivering actionable insights to increase viewer acquisition and stickiness in key markets. This is done by consolidating big data relevant to all the programmes and revealing key influencing factors that lead to positive and negative engagement of the viewers.

Content owners will now have a highly visual dashboard, providing a comprehensive picture of how a video or a live channel works minute-by-minute across each and every viewer, opening doors to many data science driven opportunities.

Data sources include video engagement metrics from the broadcasters` own services and YouTube, social marketing metrics from Twitter and Facebook, and web/app/traffic metrics from Google Analytics, providing a comprehensive analysis of the audience journey. Integration of custom metrics is also provided as an additional service.

Aki Tsuchiya, said: “Streamhub was created to solve the problems we faced when we worked in broadcasting and online video. Audiences are moving online, fragmenting ever more, and there are massive data sets that teach us at last about each and every viewer. However, it’s not easy to make clear analyses when there’s so much data to manage. We want to automate these tasks to allow businesses to focus on the KPIs and ROIs in making great content and reaching the right viewers. Getting to these relevant insights requires the analytics platform to be ever-green and this can only happen if we are quick enough to evolve based on customer feedback.”

Streamhub has also launched an experimental YouTube index as part of its Labs initiative that monitors the performance of TV programmes on the world’s biggest video destination, allowing companies to get a feel for the relative popularity of TV content between legitimate and illegal uploads.

Aki Tsuchiya added: “This was something born out of a conversation with a content owner who was concerned about how competitors were performing in the online video space. As we don’t have access to every broadcaster’s online video viewing data, YouTube’s sheer scale makes it imperative for companies to use this market data to both drive traffic to their official channels as well as understand YouTube itself.”

Entirely self-funded, Streamhub managing director and founder, Tsuchiya is joined by Ariya Priyasantha, head of product and Radu Sora, head of development. Priyasantha previously founded the startup which delivered the Orange Wednesdays programme before being sold to 2ergo PLC, while Sora is a seasoned software engineer who has worked at Thomson Reuters, Xoom completing a PhD focused on semantic web technologies from the University of Warwick.

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About Streamhub

Streamhub is a London-based media technology venture providing big data analytics for video audiences. Led by Aki Tsuchiya, former business development director at Joost, former Viacom International President Brent Hansen and ITV online technology director Richard Harding head up the advisory board, joined by advisors Masayuki Watanabe, co-founder of DeNA and David Orman. Through its early prototypes, the company was awarded the 2013 Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice award for ‘Best Analytics/Quality of Service Solution,` and received a `Special Commendation’ at the MIP Cube Labs 2013 event in Cannes, France. Streamhub is Five Cool Consulting Limited’s principal trading brand with operations in UK and Japan.