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Posted 9/23/2014
by Jeremy Harvey, Online Marketing Manager,thePlatform

Partner blog by: Streamhub

Life does get hectic for us post IBC as Streamhub integrates its plug-in into the Player Development Kit (PDK) and the mpx API enabling thePlatform customers to access their big data insights with just a simple 1 step integration.


Streamhub provides big data analytics service for video to acquire and retain viewers. Currently Streamhub operates across London and Tokyo, providing a one-stop online service, to media companies enabling them to influence their commissioning decisions, select the right marketing content for their target segments and provide their advertisers with rich audience profiles among other actions.

Streamhub’s in-house team of big data engineers and data scientists collaborate with clients to customise intelligence through its three key competencies: big data collection, conducting analysis in context of the media industry and ensuring an action oriented approach.

To get an exclusive demo of our product and some of the bespoke data science consultancy we have done for our clients, drop us a line at

The power of big data now on thePlatform.