Next-Gen Audience Segmentation & Data Activation Tool


Streamhub Activate is the world’s first hybrid CDP/DMP dedicated to OTT & video audience activation – giving the power to turn your 1st party data into advertising, editorial & marketing actions to improve your bottom line.


1st Party Data Focus

Fuse with 2nd Party Data

Complete Subscriber Marketing

Optimized Ad Targeting

Build granular audience segments from your data

Merge and manipulate your data any way you like to create custom audience segments – no coding required.

Connect those segments to services in your ecosystem

Export rich audience segments to the technology platforms you use every day – so your workflows are powered by real data.

Fuse data sources for greater insights

Increase Ad CPMs and yield

Hyper target your marketing

Improve user acquisition

Discover audience segments you never knew existed

Combine an endless selection of filter dimensions by fusing your 1st and 2nd party data sources. 
This flexible setup gives you the power to produce spectacular behavioural insights.

Send your segments wherever you like

Data out is where the real magic happens. Send carefully curated audience segments out to external platforms like your Ad server or CMS.
By leveraging your data externally you can turn knowledge and insights into direct commercial wins for your video business.

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