The Single Source Of Truth For Your Video Business

Streamhub Analytics was built for video and provides all the insights you need to understand audience behaviour & content performance – out of the box.



Ads & Commerce

Quality Of Service

Track Audiences On Any Service Type

Streamhub can report consumption on any kind of streaming service, including audio.

Across Every Device

Use our ready-made plugins for devices and players, or get our APIs to build your own.

Real Audience Insights

Data is the ultimate representation of your users – so if you care about your audience, you care about data. Streamhub Analytics lets you integrate real 1st party user data – so you get to know the people behind the video plays.

Put Content Consumption

Into Context

Streamhub Analytics goes beyond video plays and completion rates – we use rich metadata analysis to show you clearly which types of content are working well – across all devices, territories and user segments. So you can set out your content & editorial strategy with confidence.

More Clarity Over Monetisation

No matter your business model – keeping a close eye on monetisation is critical to running a healthy video business. Now you can see advertising performance, subscriber growth and even movie rentals or pay-per-view conversions all in one user friendly dashboard.

Quick & Easy Quality Assurance

We’ve streamlined the Quality Assurance process by selecting only the most vital QOS metrics – so you can cut through the noise and ensure a high quality experience for every video, on every device.

Get Started For Free

Like what you see? We’ll give you a 30 day trial of Analytics so you can really get under the hood before commiting to purchase