Streamhub Analytics plugin for Brightcove SDK for iOS

To start tracking your videos from your iOS based apps with Streamhub,
please follow these implementation instructions.

Build Configurations

1. Get the Streamhub Analytics plugin

Download and extract the archive from

2. Place the plugin project

Currently, since the plugin is not provided as a binary file, you just need
to drop the plugin implementation files in your project directory / add them to your Xcode project.

3. Add dependency configurations

Since the plugin depends on a couple of libraries, you need to add them into your Podfile.

  • Brightcove Player SDK for iOS
    • Basically, you already have it in your Podfile
  • AFNetworking

A sample Podfile looks like this:

source ''
platform :ios, '8.0'

target 'BrightcovePluginForIOS' do
 pod 'Brightcove-Player-SDK', '~> 5.2'
 pod "AFNetworking", "~> 2.0"
then open a terminal and type
$ cd 'project folder' && pod install

to install the required dependancies

4. Get your Streamhub analyticsId

Your analyticsId will be or has already been provided to you by Streamhub. Use this identifier
in the implementation steps described below.


In order to actually use the plugin, there is 2 simple steps:

1. Add import for the plugin

#import "StreamhubBrightcove.h"

2. Initialise the plugin

- (void)setup
_avpvc = [[AVPlayerViewController alloc] init];

BCOVPlayerSDKManager *manager =
    [BCOVPlayerSDKManager sharedManager];

/* Create a plugin instance
* initPlugin:
* arg-1: playerId : Must be unique in your system. E.g. use a UUID version 4 for instance
* arg-2: analyticsId: your personal analyticsId
StreamhubBrightcove* plugin =
    [[StreamhubBrightcove alloc] initPlugin:@"my-playerId"

_playbackController =
        [manager createPlaybackControllerWithViewStrategy:
                 [manager defaultControlsViewStrategy]];
_playbackController.delegate = self;
_playbackController.autoAdvance = YES;
_playbackController.autoPlay = YES;

// Register the plugin as a session consumer
[_playbackController addSessionConsumer:plugin];

_catalogService = [[BCOVCatalogService alloc]

the 2 lines in italic case above is all what you need to do in order to use the plugin.

Confirm the plugin is integrated

Here is a simple way to confirm the plugin is integrated properly into your

1. You should see the following logs in the Xcode console:

2015-MM-dd HH:mm:sss NativeControls[172:3688] Player API:

2. The app requests to in the following cases:
  • every 5 seconds in the first 60 seconds position of the video
  • every 1 minute (after the first 60 seconds) afterwards


Streamhub Data Flow

Streamhub Data Flow

Figure: Streamhub Data Flow with external sources