To start tracking Kaltura videos in StreamHub, please follow these implementation instructions. All you need is a StreamHub Analytics ID, which you can get from your account manager.

Implementation Instructions

The new Kaltura Universal Player promotes the usage of JavaScript-only plugins.

Previous versions of the KDP player can be upgraded to use the Universal studio (and the Javascript plugin) which is what we encourage to do. However, if you still wanted to use add the StreamhubAnalytics plugin for legacy Kaltura player without upgrading them, you can still do it by following the implementation instructions detailed there.

The StreamhubAnalytics plugin is added to any Universal player through the Kaltura Management Console.

If you use the iframe embed method to add the Kaltura Universal player to your html page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the KMC and navigate to|universal_studio.
  2. Select a player to edit.
  3. In the Plugin area, expand the UI Variables tab, add the following key-value pair replacing the section___ANALYTICS_ID___ with your own analyticsId:
    1. key: iframeHTML5Js1
    2. value:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 15.28.54

If you use any other embed method (auto, dynamic or thumbnail embed) to add the Kaltura Universal player to your html page, you can simply add a script tag in your html pages providing your analyticsId.

<!-- add StreamhubAnalytics plugin script tag -->