Building a flexible and specialised analytics tools for enterprise


  • Streamhub’s enterprise platform has been built for cross-broadcaster, full market JIC customers.
  • Designed to automate reporting and workflows for large video/CTV census datasets.
  • Data fusion module that binds census and panel data. 

Customised metrics capability

Flexible report & visualisations

Multi-tired access management


Intuitive UI for everyone

Streamhub Enterprise powers Japan’s  cross-market CTV / OTT measurement 

Through our strategic partnership with VideoResearch in Japan, we have played a key role in growing the market’s AVOD revenues for the broadcasters and platforms in Japan, where we support the daily audit and commercial monetisation of its CTV / OTT audiences:

  • 13 Broadcasters 
  • 4 Platforms 
  • 5 Agencies 
  • Over 1 billion video views per month
  • Data fusion to online currency panels

Fold increase in ad revenue


Avg. CPM Increase

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