QOS Reports

For teams looking to assure no technical problems impacted the key business viewing metrics

Focus only on the essential QoS metrics that impact your streaming experience

Save time and costs to report only the key service quality metrics across all players, devices, content and ads

Our QoS Features

Avg. Start Times

Grasp average start times for every user,  programme, player and device

Exits Before Start

Monitor how many users are giving up on trying to stream your content


Successful Play Rate

The rate of successful plays from every user 

Rebuffering Ratio

See how much bad buffering is happening mid viewing for your users

Content Compare Mode

Compare the performance of any app, player or content for its QoS metrics

Plan your Actions

Request exports of users who had a bad experience to make them feel loved

Validate Your Viewing Data

We’ve streamlined the Quality Assurance process by selecting only the on the most vital QOS metrics – so you can cut through the noise and ensure a high quality experience for every video, on every device.