1. Can you track video drop-off points i.e. what point does the video lose people at the most (25/50/90% drop-off).


  • For VOD we have 1%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 95% and 100%.
  • For Live, we track every minute of every programme.


  • We provide the VAST standard (Imp, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

2. How do you track our data?

For web players, we are pre-integrated into Brightcove, Comcast’s MPX and Kaltura so it’s just a few clicks. 

For apps and HTML5 players we provide ready-made plugins or you can build your own using our APIs. 

Lastly, if you prefer that we use your existing video viewing logs, we can do this too. 

3. How do you track unique users?

  • If you have user login authentication then we can track uniques based on your userID
  • If you do not have user authentication then we will track uniques based on cookies and deviceIDs up to six months 

4. Can you reflect financial data related to the services?

  • Yes. If you have a commerce/payment service that shares the same userID and has externalisation APIs then we can ingest that data into our Commerce reports. 
  • We are also working on reflecting campaign information about CPMs and campaign value in our Advertising reports. 

5. Can you externalise the collected data?

Yes. Unlike a few analytics providers out there that prevent you from externalising your own raw or processed data, we have APIs that allow you to externalise the data directly. 

6. Are you able to add referrals and / or respective channel website to monitor traffic sources.

Yes from Google Analytics but it would be something bespoke.

7. Can you look at the churn - how many users were loyal in one month and remained (or changed) their status in next month.

Yes. We provide a user cohort analysis that groups your subscribers into month-on-month cohorts since they first signed up. We also provide user flow analysis for AVOD services. 

8. Can you select multiple filters in ranking (e.g. UK and Northern Ireland, or more than one company / player).

Yes in the backend. We can add that functionality if needed within a week. ( at the moment We are able to show one country or WW in the dashboard).

9. Can you incorporate series and episode number (description) for the ranking?

Yes we can if it’s included in the metadata.

10. Are you able to see the different ways people are viewing the content (E.g. homepage, specific programme page etc.).

Yes. We can create report based on the different urls. This will be one week’s work.

11. Can you include average duration for different players in a ranking page (for those channels) - what proportion complete (on top of the average viewing time).

Yes we can do this.

12. Are you able to specifically define what counts as a view for a specific client E.g. if the client counts video view when a video is watched more than 1% of total duration.

Yes. (tech possible not yet on the dashboard).

13. Can you setup automated reports (daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

Yes. But this is currently setup ad hoc by our engineers, so you will need to submit a request as to what type of reports you would like to get delivered to your inbox. 

14. Is it possible to set up user specific views for dashboard (access based on user account)

Yes. With your admin account, you can setup specific users and groups to only have access to certian data and report types. 

15. Can you provide IP addresses for ad targeting - to target the loyal fans.

No we can not provide IP addresses due to GDPR and basic privacy best practice. We can however provide cookies and IDFA/AdvertisingIDs given that you have obtained consent from your users. 

16. Can you do cities report.